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Farm tip cart

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Just joined this forum today but I've been looking around for a while so I thought I'd post a picture or two of my woodwork.


It's a scratch built scale model (1/12th) of a farm tip cart.


I've been building models for a few years just to keep up the woodworking skills till I need a piece of furniture.


I live in Brisbane, Australia


Timber is Tasmainian Myrtle

Finish is Dainish oil

Scale is 1/12th

Model is 32cm (12 1/2 inches) long.






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Amazing detail and beautiful work!. 


The match stick really helps put things in perspective.

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This is lovely - you've really captured the old farm feel in this model.  If you had shot the picture differently and not said it was a miniature, I wouldn't have thought twice!!!




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Good thing TIODS pointed out the match stick because there was no way I was going to believe that is a scale model!


Unless, of course, you use really big matches!!


Very nicely done!

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A lot of details to look into! A great example of well thought out craftsmanship! I like this wood project!

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