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Farm tip cart

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Just joined this forum today but I've been looking around for a while so I thought I'd post a picture or two of my woodwork.


It's a scratch built scale model (1/12th) of a farm tip cart.


I've been building models for a few years just to keep up the woodworking skills till I need a piece of furniture.


I live in Brisbane, Australia


Timber is Tasmainian Myrtle

Finish is Dainish oil

Scale is 1/12th

Model is 32cm (12 1/2 inches) long.






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This is lovely - you've really captured the old farm feel in this model.  If you had shot the picture differently and not said it was a miniature, I wouldn't have thought twice!!!




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Good thing TIODS pointed out the match stick because there was no way I was going to believe that is a scale model!


Unless, of course, you use really big matches!!


Very nicely done!

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    • I honestly didn't know of the 771 having any alignment issues, but maybe there were problems and that's why it's on closeout already.  I didn't think that saw had been on the market for very long...a year maybe?  The alignment issues with the 715 are well documented, as are the alignment issues with the Ridgid 4512.  Still yet, if at all possible, I'd get any of these three saws over a rusted piece of unknown from Craigslist.  Odds are you wouldn't get a lemon, and if you do, Grizzly or Home Depot will take care of it (returning a saw would be a big inconvenience though)
    • Looks nice. Making little stuff like that for the kitchen is the only reason I "need" a lathe right now. Lol.
    • I'm gonna "save up for one" too...then use the money to buy something else. Also please post the prices you pay each time you buy one of these, it helps me feel better about my addiction
    • Depends on how you use the items I you have the bosch saw for 
      "field work"? Otherwise I'd ditch that first.  What do you use the shopsmith for? If I had one, I'm guessing I would only use it for a couple things, which wouldn't justify the large footprint. But that's just me.   Also I"m in a small 1 car garage that still has a washer/dryer, water heater, and a slop sink in it...and I've managed to fit quite a few big tools in there with careful organization. should probably move in first and try a few different layouts before you sell any of your tools.
    • Where I think it is most applicable to is in adding gentle curves to your work.  Whether that is machining the actual part, creating a template, or creating a bending form for a bent lamination.  Also it would be ideal for scooping out a chair seat.  But here's a couple more cnc heavy designs of mine.  
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