High gloss finish, IP2000, white specs


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Hey guys, 

Just followed theWoodWhisperer's high gloss finish video on my kitchen table. Did final wet sand with 2000 grid pad, and everything was looking like it should. Then I applied Menzerna's IP2000 polish which brought up a nice luster, except it left tiny white specs all over the surface. It looks just like overspray.  You can't feel them, they look embedded in finish.  Had to remove them with 0000 steel wool. I tried it again, 2000 wet sand, still looking good, but once I added the IP2000 polish compound, the specs came back so it is definitely coming from the polish..... please help with any ideas.  Lots of people have used this method and seems to work.. Not sure why I am getting the specs!


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tried sanding it down (worked my way down to 320) but still didn't get rid of it. Using Menzerna IP2000 polish. After trying a number of things, I think maybe I just didn't notice the specs before, because I hadn't polished it down.  Im wondering if it is overspray from the lacquer itself. the lacquer dried so fast while spraying. I ended up polishing the rest of the table and it was only in certain areas.  ????  Haven't worked with lacquer before on dark stained table ( or at all, first time spraying).  Wondering if the lacquer was tinted dark if it would be have been an issue???


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It looks to me like the polish (and I've never heard of that kind, but I would assume that it dries with a white haze to it) is down in the pours of the wood and your polish rag is not reaching it. I agree with Steve that a few more coats of finish would help. 

Oppps, sorry Frank, didn't see your post:(

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Yep the rubbing compound is down in the voids. Use some mineral spirits and wash the surface good, it could be a silicone containing compound.

Then block sand with 600 and apply a full wet coat of solvent lacquer (is that what your using) You need to get a nice build of lacquer down before you rub the surface. If sprayed properly, you should get a glass smooth finish off the gun, no need to polish the lacquer.






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