Jet DC1100VX-CK Review


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I did a big (for me) tool purchase today which included a Jet dust collector. You’ll see a picture of its predecessor below. Giving that one to my son to go with the old bandsaw (separate thread coming).  I was considering the Rikon 2hp and adding a Wynn filter but figured the Jet was not much more so I made the plunge. 

Tonight I started assembling it and halfway through realized I need to do some equipment location changes so I’m tackling them at the same time. My impression so far is very favorable.   It was very well packaged.  The parts feel well made. Directions are clear but it’s not rocket science if you’ve ever put a piece of equipment together. 

This would probably be an hour job but since I knew I wasn’t using dangerous equipment I had a couple of adult beverages. More time spent enjoying the tunes and considering various options for resetting the shop. I should finish tomorrow. 

Heading to a new home. 


Packed between two of these styrofoam molds




Rest of the parts



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Finished assembly tonight. Really easy. I’m impressed with the fit and finish. Everything lined up fine. Directions were straightforward. Don’t have it hooked up to a machine yet, but started it just to see if it worked. I can already tell this is going to be a significant upgrade. The system for securing the collection bag is different. I’m sure I’ll get used to it. 

I’ll update this review in a couple of days after I’ve run it through its paces. 

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I love assembly of a new toy while under the influence, regardless of how slight. More bolts and nuts left over for my collection. Seriously though, congrats on the upgrade. I’ve seen the Jet at Rockler and really wish I had gone in that direction. So much smaller blueprint than the HF conversion I now have. 

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I have the same machine. I plumbed my shop with 4" PVC and metal blast gates at every machine. Works really well. Never had a clog. The ring that holds the bag gets easier over time. I reuse the bags as they are heavy enough to be dumped and not damaged. I have a Long Ranger remote control hooked up to mine and it works really well. I think you will be very happy with your purchase.

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Here it is assembled. I was pleasantly surprised to find 5 collection bags included. My plan is to try it out for its first time on the new bandsaw which I will begin assembling tomorrow night :D  I’m with you Coop. I actually enjoy putting good equipment together. I’m looking forward to breaking the Rikon box open tomorrow night. The two items to the left are going to my son’s house tomorrow night.A2313628-1027-4235-B156-47A6C2C6825B.thumb.jpeg.1b627c20b1d93f971e6343ea31fdeffb.jpeg0D756D43-BD91-4BDF-B7D3-6E1A4450844B.thumb.jpeg.99f4040bdaa8da4c66ee59887c0a37e7.jpeg

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