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Final finishing went smoothly. It was a nice change to shift from production woodworking to finishing. I don't know when or how the chairs got banged around so much but there were a LOT of dents I nev

It's been a while in the making and it's about time that I started a Journal for this build. This is going to be a combination of Dining Chair Builds and a small part of Rocker builds. I've been chatt

Seat carving process has started and it is going a LOT faster than I thought it would. I was able to get the first seat done in 4 hours and that wasn't overlapping glue drying time. If I do other oper

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I haven't built any chairs yet. I have plans for a dining table (at the moment we have a picnic table, quite rustic), and before that's done I have to decide on what chairs to build. So many choices, and sometimes I want to go all Chippendale fancy, but then again, I want them done before the table wears out from old age (or I do haha).

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