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My next project will be a air filter cart. I have 3 speed furnace blower I am going to put into a cabinet. There will be (2) 16X20  & (1) 20X20 external filters and (1) 20X20 internal filter to double filter the air.  To get it to the height I want I will put a couple drawer above the filter for extra storage. I have 2 slightly different designs and i cannot decide which I like better. One I think looks better and the other has bigger drawer for more storage. 

Air Filter.JPG

Air Filter 2.JPG

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This will be fun to see go together. I like the idea of these that allow you to get air filtration near where you need it. Maybe some day i'll make one. I know i'll try and salvage the furnace motor out of our furnace. I'll be replacing the 30 year old beast in the next couple years.

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9 minutes ago, wtnhighlander said:

@rainjer, assuming the louvered grate is the air return to the room, would it allow more strage in the cabinet if you returned the air out the bottom? Plenty of space for airflow around the casters, and would probably reduce the number of lost pencils under there. ;)

That is where the blower motor is housed. The outlet is 8.5x8.5. The overall blower motor is 10"WX20-1/2"TX16"D. As you can see it fills up most of the space.

Air Filter 4.JPG

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