Planning/Prepping for Dream Shop Build

Jonathan McCully

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Will your floor outlets be on separate circuits from your wall outlets?  It might be nice to be able to shut the floor circuits down if the floor is going to get wet (wash, dripping boat, etc.).

The budget probably says NO, but is a false ceiling a possibility?  It would help with heating, and I'd much rather walk into a dangling cord than trip on an outlet in the floor.  Just me.

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Thanks for the thoughts Mark.

Hadn’t thought about the floor outlets being on a separate circuit. Not a bad idea and one to explore.

Ive thought about a false ceiling too. Not sure what that cost would be but if it’s not too unreasonable, it may be the best way to go, especially as that would allow me to run ducting in the ceiling and be able to change things in the future if desired. Not too worried about cold down here, but want to keep insulated from the outside heat for sure.

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I would rather have my planer by the jointer and when things come out of my drum sander the next steps are usually done at the assembly table whether it is finish sanding or layout of joinery.  So I would swap the location of those to tools.

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11 hours ago, gee-dub said:

Sounds like you've made your decision and what is right for you is the right decision.  Since I have drops for dust collection pipe anyway I just ran the power down that pathway.

Not sure I’m quite settled on anything yet at the moment, other than that I’m building a 30 x 40 shop. For instance, now I’m considering moving the DC room to the opposite end of the back of the shop so that I can have the wall with the windows to give natural light for my assembly and hand tool work rather than the power tools. I’m trying to keep the power tools on a straight run from the DC.

When I’ve envisioned running power through the ceiling, I’ve seen outlets on the ceiling with extension cords or reels dropped down to the tools. Looking at your setup, I like that look far better and may definitely consider someone like that.

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If your building has any support columns these are a natural "avenue" for a wiring run with outlets at chest height.

It would nice if the horizontal run did not have to go across the 14" ceiling, so if it were me, I'd look at somehow suspending the conduit lower (10"?), if code would allow.  

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8 hours ago, legenddc said:

You might want to switch your lathe and lumber storage if you're bringing in materials from the garage door. Your drill press could always move too if you needed more room for a table or cart by that tool island.

That’s a great idea. Was just trying to keep all the power tools along the same wall to keep in line with the DC, but definitely makes more sense to have the lumber storage near the door where I’m bringing it in.

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