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I use a 25 y/o version of Photo Shop, so not much use to you.  But any photo processing software should be able to resize a photo.  In fact I think the photo viewer in Windows has some basic editing functions.  Do a sesrch on "how do I resize photo" and I bet there will be some info.  

Another approach would be to do a reduced size color photocopy at a copy shop.   But that will be a physical copy, rather than electronic.

Is the image copyrighted? 

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@BillyJack, in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 this is what I would do. 

Open the image
Pull down the Image menu
Click Resize
Click Image Size
Constrain Proportions should be on
Then in the Document Size section set the desired image height.  

The process is probably similar in your version of Photoshop.  

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My version of Photoshop does not have an "attributes" menu item.  I looked in the help file and didn't find it, either.  Does your version have a help file?  Any "how to" clues on the internet?  Otherwise all I can say is try to find something in your version similar to mine:  look for "images size" or "document size". 

Alternatively, if you have a recent version of Windows, then try opening the image in "Photos".  Pull down the 3 dot menu; choose "Resize Image"; select percentage to reduce the size of the image.  There's no preview function so you will have to save and open the file to see the result, and I think that getting the right sized outcome will be trial and error.  Although if you know your original image is, say, 1" and the result you want is 7/8" then setting the percentage to 87% should do it.  

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