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On 8/21/2023 at 7:05 PM, wtnhighlander said:

You lookingfor mods to improve it for sanding, or some other function?

Everything.. Bigger, clamp friendly, storage..


Current  one was quick and works , but my drill press location make me make the table small. Looking to get more out of it..

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Most drill  presses in shops will have a table and a stapled 3/4 stop. If you put a nice top on in time, it will have 20 holes, broken corners, slots cut for clamps. Shop guys so ply use and abuse and move on. 

On order to compress some of my shop I need to get as much at tye drill press as I can. I use it some for sanding, but haven’t found a oscillating sander yet.. I have fishing lure boxes I us3 for drill bit, etc I’d like to involve in the build..

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I’m not much into shop projects , but I need to compress and use a lot of material just sitting around, I think ai have a sheet or two of boo veneer. Like the Sapele, I need to cycle the material  thru the shop to make room..


Been stingy with plywood because of the prices,  but that Philippine plywood has been reasonably priced, light and straight

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On 8/27/2023 at 1:04 PM, BillyJack said:

Having trouble deciding between t-tack and just putting clamp holes in the table. I think I will just Double beef and add holes. Maybe some t-track in the fence for stops.

In my experience t-track isn't strong enough if you are drilling metal (besides thin aluminum). By that I mean if I are drilling something metal and it decides to "walk up the bit" my t-track clamps haven't been strong enough to keep it on the table. So, on those occasions, which isn't very often, I go down to my bare table and clamp to it.

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I’m going to have to look at the clamps I have and see how I can use them.,I like the T-tack for stops , but not so much for clamping..


With the grand daughter in school now, I have 5 days a week to focus on the shop. I’m not trying to make it pretty or spend a bunch of money, just trying to get more space and options from each tool using already have shop materials. 

I see woodworkers on Pinterest, etc spending silly money trying to create a “dream “ shop. I’m more interested at what come out of a shop, rather than what  goes in it.

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On 8/25/2023 at 12:29 AM, gee-dub said:

Table is coming along great.  Love the storage.  I use a shop vac at the DP and some sanders.  Better capture than with the large DC.

something I've wondered for a while now is whether to try and extend my DC to reach the DP or just use a shop vac, you say the shop vac is better at the DP ?

the times I have dragged the DC hose over I have found it's cumbersome and wondered whether the higher velocity from shop vac would be better

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