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hey guys.  I watched a 15 min video on sketchup about 5 yrs ago and figured out the basics.  I have since started my own company and im now realizing that I need to improve my sketchup skills because I need to be much faster and want more detail.  I haven't had something yet that I couldn't figure out but I know there is faster ways to do the stuff than im doing and as u guys know time is money...


heres the thing though.  im a hands on learner.  if I can watch a video and do a particular task along with the video, I will learn much faster.  so no books.  what is the best video series out there on sketch up.   ill buy it if I have to, or is there a utube series.  that's how I got started....thanks guys

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First, I would go to the WoodWhisperer SketchUp videos - they are very good and free...


Second, Fine Woodworking produced a video only product which should be perfect for what you describe. You can watch the video and then do what Dave Richards teaches. The download is currently only $12.95 which is cheap in my opinion. Well worth the money and a great teaching product...

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I can't state too strongly how good a resource SketchUp's own YouTube channel is.  Their tutorials are well produced, specific to a small amount of information, easily digested and cover a broad spectrum of skill levels.  The videos are well titled so it's easy to find the subject you need.  Most important, no charge.

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