I can see the end of my Roubo build!

Hugh Howard

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vI am getting closer to the end of my Roubo build.  It was addictive and hard to slow down.  It isn't done, but it is getting closer.  It at least looks like a workbench now.

These photos are from a few days ago.  The hardest task left is probably finishing it (that and going to the lumber yard to get maple for the shelf and walnut for the gapstop.  I'm going with Watco Danish oil.

I thought I might sand to 120 on workholding surfaces and 220 on surfaces that have no reason to be grippy.  Is that about right or did you all skip sanding / sand more / sand less?


Hopefully these images will work.  Last time I posted a few it seemed like they worked and then later disappeared...


I'll get better shots up when I get my old workbench out of the garage and can get a better angle on the photo - right now things are way over crowded.








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Thanks for all the kind (too kind) replies!  I've finally added the deadman, flattened the top, got finish on it, etc, so I am quite happy.  At some point I'm adding a walnut gapstop, but for the moment a left over piece of maple is working perfectly.  

Once I get the other bench out of the garage I'll have enough space to get good photos (right now I'm trying to shoot over and around it), but this should get the idea across. 

Thanks especially to Marc for all the wisdom that led to this build!










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