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I'm using Sketchup on Mac (that might be the problem) and while editing the shortcut keyboard list I clicked on "reset default". But it erased everything. I can't seem to find a plugin or new list I can plop in there, I've tried reinstalling, contacting sketchup and looking on others sketchup forums.

Any ideas here other than I'm SOL and need a should go get a PC lol.



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Can you import/export preferences? Some one might be able to export theirs to you to get things moving faster. Opening up sketch up i can export all the preferences and could send them your way but I'm using an older version (Sketchup 8)

I mean I'm not saying the Mac is THE problem but it defiantly is A problem.

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Well, it would be a pain, but could you manually re-enter all the shortcuts?

I'm a Mac user too, and I could send you a screenshot of what the sort it's are supposed to be, if that would help.

A screen shot would be awesome!!!!

I've tried importing from my MacBook but it doesn't work...I'm really stumped. Manually seems like my only solution.



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Ok, so here are all the shortcuts as they are on my MacBook:

G: Edit/Make Component...

K: View/Edge Style/Back Edges

L: Draw/Lines/Line

A: Draw/Arcs/2 Point Arc

R: Draw/Shapes/Rectangle

C: Draw/Shapes/Circle

O: Camera/Orbit

H: Camera/Pan

Z: Camera/Zoom

⇧Z: Camera/Zoom Extents

Space: Tools/Select

E: Tools/Eraser

B: Tools/Paint Bucket

M: Tools/Move

Q: Tools/Rotate

S: Tools/Scale

P: Tools/Push/Pull

F: Tools/Offset

T: Tools/Tape Measure

D: Tools/Dimensions



Those are all the commands to which shortcuts have been assigned on my MacBook.  I may have tweaked them from the defaults just a tad, but it's pretty close to vanilla.

Hope it helps!

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