Jonsered Iron Horse

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Not sure if the Iron Horse is truly considered a "woodworking tool", but think it should be as it's involved with the first step in my woodworking projects - retrieving logs from my woods. My unit is the low-end model, with 5 hp engine and no power winch. Although 5 hp sounds low, the gearing takes care of the torque requirement and although definitely not fast, it's proved adequate in retrieving good-sized logs and hauling up considerable grades. In the roughly 20 years I've had the unit, I've had to replace one five dollar bushing in the clutch assembly. The clutch assembly is a common made in the USA clutch, parts for which are readily available without having the go through Jonsered. That's the only part that has required replacement.

The log cradle shown in the picture is not part of the Iron Horse, purchased from a different source. The Iron Horse is shown with the "log bunk" mounted on the deck, a cargo box is another option which I use when cutting firewood. The unit is small enough that it can be navigated easily in the woods, going between trees only a few feet apart, and on grades which would be dangerous with a tractor. The log shown in the picture is oak, about 30 inches in diameter at the butt end, and over 10 feet long.


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21 minutes ago, RichardA said:

Hell of a tool, but you're the walnut guy, why are you messing with oak?

The oak was dead, have a friend who'd like some Mission style furniture pieces of oak. And what doesn't get used for furniture makes good firewood. Better than letting the wood simply rot. The ten acres of black walnut that I've planted won't be lumber size for years, probably not in my lifetime.

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