Just bought a little lathe...

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I go to Owl for most of it.  There is also a small mill called Born Again Barns in Antioch, but they are by appointment only.  I've also been told about Kirkland Sawmill- it's a little bit of a drive for me, but I've been meaning to check them out.  their prices are better than most, but they only deal in domestics.

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Fixed that for you.

I actually bought a set of gouges after Woodcraft only ended up having one 1/8 parting tool. I know, sets are frowned upon but I wanted stuff NOW! So I have a large and small gouge, another (non-Damon

So our local Woodcraft is closIng    So I went there for a 25% discount on .... anything ... and walked out with a Rikon 70-1218VS  lathe and some gouges. A bed extension is coming soon as well s

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