Large width wood planing.

Joe Shiah

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32 inches is pretty wide.  You might have to start by doing some of it with a hand plane and then find someone with a drum sander.  You chances of finding a 32 inch drum sander are a lot high then a 32 inch planer.  You might want to start by doing a search in your area for cabinet shops or maker spaces and then call and see if they will help.

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Yep you need a wide belt sander and or a cnc machine or as stated above a router with a sled although a wide belt sander would still be nice once its flat. If you have a local woodworking guild I would check with them I know we have a couple folks in my area that will do if for a small fee. If its a river table "Logs to Lumber" on YouTube just posted a short video with tips about pouring the river in a way that will keep the top from cupping.

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