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So rainjer, I saw “F1” and was intrigued... who’s your favorite(s)? 
I've always been a Ferrari fan and I’m tired of the MB dominance so I’m hoping this year we see some actual fighting at the front. I’m not a Max fan but I’d like to see him get the WDC tis year as he seems to have the best shot, although I wouldn’t complain if Leclerc got it in a red car :) 

Oh and what service do you use to watch F1?

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I confess to not really liking Max, but HAM winning all the time is boring now, like the S’humilier years, and I’m a Ferrari fan (can you tell?) So if Max or LEC win it this year I think people will be much more interested in it. I don’t get ESPN but YT seems a good alternative, or F1 Tv which I haven’t tried. 
Anyway, nice additions to your shop! :) 

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