Best hose nozzle I've ever bought

Tom King

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We're still using two out of three of these hose nozzles.  The one that gets left out in the Sun all the time in front of the mechanic shop didn't last.  The handle got soft to the point that it wouldn't pull the plunger all the way open.  I replaced that one with an all metal one off Amazon.  My BIL liked that one so much that he ordered one too.  It's a Chinese special, but has lasted a long time with no leaks.  Looks like I bought it in July.

As far as the best hose, there was a small company started by a Father and Son.  They wanted to make the best water hose ever.  The hose was a tough polyurethane, and the ends are stainless steel.  We have had maybe six of them for over a decade, and they still look and function like new.  They had a bit of a problem though, that wasn't really a long term problem, but got a lot of them returned, and they didn't end up making much of a profit, so they ceased production.  They would maintain the coil that they had on the box really strongly for a good while after new.  A lot of people returned them for that reason.

They don't kink though, and if you can get past fighting the seemingly set in coils, they will straighten out after some months.  All ours now stay straight with no problem.  

They are dinking water suitable.  We like to water all our animals that get their water filled with hoses to use drinking water safe ones.  These are.  They came in a couple of colors, 5/8 and 3/4 sizes, and a bunch of different lengths.  If you can find one, buy it, but I doubt you can find one.  They weren't cheap.

We're currently using two Flexillas.  One at the  mechanic shop that stays on all the time, and another at the rental house.  Neither have developed any problems in about the year they've been used.  They will kink, and the bright yellow color gets dirty before long.  The one at the mechanic shop gets left on all the time with that metal nozzle on it because I like to have water available there all the time, and I have to navigate an obstacle course to get back in the shed to turn the hard operating hydrant on and off.  It has not leaked.  It does get drained in below freezing weather.

We also have several of those turquoise ones that I forget the name brand of (edited to add:  found it  Flexogen ).  They were considered the best about a decade ago.  I was never very impressed, but I have a couple of 100' 3/4 " ones to feed the big pressure washer after the rubber ones I had been using dry rotted.  None of them leak, but they do kink pretty easily.

Last night when I was looking for a link to the Gatorhyde's, I found these.  They look pretty promising, but I don't own one yet, so can't say.

edited to add:   I went out and took a picture of the ends of one of our more than 10 year old Gatorhyde hoses.  The female end has the copper on it because the wall hydrant it's under is the last thing on our house still fed by a copper pipe, and it drips a little.




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I have a couple of green rubber hoses that are over 30 years old. The hoses are great; still is good condition, wind up nicely and don't tangle easily. But like most hoses, the week links are the ends. If humanity can build a quantum computer, why can't we seem to build a decent hose end?

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The stainless steel ends on those Gatorhyde hoses are great.  The ones on Flexilla hoses aren't bad.

The Flexilla hoses get ugly fast though.

Picture of what I'm working on today. Windows on the rental house.  These on the South end are the worst.  Fortunately, the paint is peeling off so badly that it's not hard to get it all off.  At least paint is one thing that has been improved.

Speaking of Quantum Computing, all my best friends (Scientists) are now working on trying to get the first one working.  They all say if they succeed they want me to build them each a house.  I said they won't be able to pay me enough money to build another new house.  They laughed and said they would be able to.

An hour and twenty minutes getting that window prepped for paint.  I figure if I do one a day, and get it painted, I'll be doing good.  Amazingly, all the wood is still solid.  The glass has been replaced at some point.  Those battens were added when the glass was changed some time in the past.  I need to replace about half of the glass in the rest of them.  I'm going to change that bottom batten to regular old window glazing.




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I went over and primed that window right after lunch.  Here are the tools I used in the paint removal.  You can't get the heat gun directly blowing on the glass or it will crack.

When the insulated glass had been replaced before, it looks like they carved away the part of the sash holding the original in with a utility knife, and made some battens out of 2X4 wood to hold them in.  One 4 penny finish nail in the center of each batten.  I'm going to replace the vertical ones and top one with stainless 18 ga. brads, and glaze the bottom edge.




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I have four 50’ to 75’ hoses on my property for not only garden and yard use but also, being in the business, I keep fire protection in mind. The hoses at the box stores always advertise this and that guarantee but never hold true. I guess I just need to be vigilant and replace them when due and contribute to the Chinese economy. 

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9 hours ago, Coop said:

I guess I just need to be vigilant and replace them when due and contribute to the Chinese economy. 

If you don't want to some of the rubber hoses are USA made. This is similar to one i've bought in the past and really like.

Can probably get similar items at retailers that are in your area.

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