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Every so often I need to cut a piece of metal for a bracket or some such. And this weekend I got a bargain on a metal-cutting bandsaw. (Yes, it's hefty. It's probably more than I need.) I'd like to take it off the current base and mount it vertical. So far I've not found a projects suitable for this size of saw. Anyone seen something suitable? (I've also considered selling this one and getting a small unit that might work as a vertical benchtop unit.)


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IMG_3185.thumb.JPG.1e7ea8bdabdba631f93ab21610cc8c53.JPGThat saw should have a little table for it, and is easily converted to a vertical saw.  Raise it all the way up, and there should be some sort of a lever, or arm to put in place to lock it vertical.  Mine in a yardsale Enco.  I used it not too long ago both horizontally, and vertically, to build a base for a welder.  Here is a picture of the Enco in vertical mode.  That black arm you see below the table is the lock to hold it securely vertical.  These saws make a much prettier cut than an abrasive blade chop saw.

I needed the vertical cuts to get the corners of this base to fit together before I welded them.IMG_3190.thumb.JPG.2401666ee9300f4ed826f8a677b6c3ed.JPG


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I would keep that one. Much easier to use a big machine for a small project, than the other way around. That looks like it can handle almost any common merchant bar size you are likely to need.

If you want to cut curves, a vertical bandsaw with a steel-cutting blade would be better, I suppose. 

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