Three 8x10 Frames


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On 12/1/2021 at 4:04 PM, Coop said:

Are the panels/mat boards glued to a recessed area of the back of the frame? Have you ever attached them to the frame prior to cutting and mitering them? 

I have done build-up stock and then mitered and this is a good method.  For this material I was using a different finishing method for each material so gluing them up separately, finishing and then assembling made sense.  I just tape off the area on the inner frame that becomes the glue surface for the inner to outer frame join.

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On 12/1/2021 at 9:47 PM, gee-dub said:

EVERY time I can walk from one area in the shop to another without sashaying around a jutting jointer table or performing some sort of choreographed maneuver

What you had is my current giddy. I see your magnificent shop and I am glad you rang the bell and achieved your goal. Most if not all are envious. And hard to find a more deserving person. Congratulation! Like the frame on this thread I will enjoy seeing your future creations.

Europe, a boat, or a vacation home all cost money. Your shop will make money. Having fun doing it!

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I did a sashay this morning and it happened to be my jointer. Caused me to laugh and think about this. I am sure that a very high percentage of woodshops are not big enough. And most know the dance steps required. And wish for more space. Me included. But I am grateful to have my shop. It does my heart good to see on occasion someone worthy have a killer shop that dancing is not required but aloud.

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First of all, amazing work. I really like the wood selection and the inner frames/edging look awesome. I like how you glue them up two sides at a time too.

So you enjoy not being running into stuff in your shop? What next, you like not having to move things back and forth repeatedly because you have nowhere to put what you’re working on?

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