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Tom King

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I"m sorry to hear about your families difficult situation. It's nice that the utility guys were willing to help out and get things working, that doesn't always end up being the case.

That is a beautiful looking rig, the camper not your meter socket and box job. Your part looks like a good fix for the situation, that old equipment looks like it's seen a hard life in the sun.

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Looks like it had taken a lightning strike too.  That breaker on the right is blown apart, the black wire burned in two, and a hole blown through the inside cover over the breakers, and it was well rusted so that happened a long time ago.  I don't think there is anyone alive that knows the history of it, or why it was originally a 400 amp service.  I don't think I had ever opened the cover on that box before.

Thanks for the comments.  I just keep doing what needs to be done.  Some days are more of a fight than others, but it often seems like I'm getting help.  Nothing but dumb luck that I had that extra meter base.  

I think they slept for over 20 hours in the camper that night, and well into the next day.

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