Stanley #4 depth knob issue


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Hi guys,
I have a #4 Stanley sweetheart plane.
I have a problem with the depth adjustment. When I try to pull the blade up the knob starts to unscrew. So I remove the knob and spin it with my fingers. veeery annoying.
I don't want to glue the knob to the rod in case if I need to clean or do some maintenance on it.
Any advice on how to fix this?

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On 4/4/2023 at 11:30 AM, Immortan D said:

I'm not familiar with that plane, but I guess you could use Loctite 222 to lock that thread.

Exactly my thought, or you could contact Stanley and get their opinion, they may be able to replace the part at little expense.

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Yeah, locktite needs to be on that or it will do what you're experiencing. 

Don't crank down on the pressure screw too tightly, or you can end up stripping something.  It just needs to be snug, not Tight.  Someone may have tightened the pressure too tight, and then broke loose the thread locker in the knob by trying to overcome the excess pressure.

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