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My next project is the roubo and I had a couple of questions.  I want to make the roubo 78" long and I can only think the build is the same by keeping the outside dimensions from the end of the bench to the legs the same.  Are there any other adjustments that I should consider?  I also already have both BC vises about 6 months.

Also would like to check to see how many of you have started the build with the legs vs the table top?  I was thinking legs first.  I can only work on the bench 3 days a week as I work 4 days and am off 3. Thanks for your help.


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First off, I would leave the bench at least as long as the plans call for if it's humanly possible to do so.  You may regret a smaller bench down the road.  Check out Vic's Roubo if you can find it on the interwebs...I believe his is 10 feet long or something like that.  It's awesome.

If you HAVE to deviate from the plans, I would take the extra length off the leg vise side.  Otherwise it could complicate things with the tail vise and dog strip installation.

Conventional wisdom is to build the top first if you don't already have a bench.  Build the top on sawhorses, then you can use the top to build the base.  If you already have a bench, I can't think of a reason to do one or the other first...aside from possibly wanting to get all that milling done that the slabs require.  Good God it's a lot of milling.

Have fun, keep us posted with your progress.  It's a great build.

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The 9" won't make much difference.  If you have sketchup take a look at the proportions of your size and adjust if you feel the need, but I would agree with Eric that the leg vise side is the best place to trim. I also agree that longer is better, but really, your adjustment is fairly minor.

One thing I would recommend is that when you make the center strip, add some dividers so your chisels, marking knives etc don't fall over when you store them there.  I don't know about anyone else, but I find that feature very useful.  

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I agree on removing from the leg vise side. Having just finished the build, I will say having the tail vise was a huge help while routing mortises in the legs. Do yourself a favor and buy 2 sets of saw horse brackets at home depot for 20 bucks and get 3 2x4s and make some 40" wide saw horses. Trust me, you'll need this

My thread is available here, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. The build is still fresh in my head.


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Thanks again.  I am reading Tom's thread but can't get past page 8. When I hit any page past 8, it's looking but the page never comes out. Same thing under chrome and safari land.  Since there are no problems for anyone else advancing pages, I need to see if I can figure it out on my end.  

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