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Given that I'm a hobby-level woodworker, I have a hard time justifying the expense of Sketchup Pro for personal use. I have toyed with the idea of eventually making some money in this hobby, however, even if it's just enough to fund the hobby itself and get me a new toy for my shop now and again.

What are the advantages of Pro over Make and without my woodworking ever being a significant commercial endeavor, would it even make sense to buy a license for Pro at some point?

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For one man woodworkers (whether professional or amateur) currently using Sketchup Make there are no advantages in using Pro instead.

If you are intending to use Sketchup to produce standard 2D engineering drawings to be read by contractors or 3rd party parts makers then you should use Sketchup Pro.

The Pro version has extras like the layout module enabling you to make two dimensional drawings from your 3 dimensional models. 

Sketchup Make is intended for personal use so no need for a Pro license.

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3 minutes ago, TIODS said:

Yes, but Marc also plays in it as well.  If you own any of his Guild builds, they usually start looking at the Sketchup drawings and he talks about it quite a bit.

Yes i do haev guild builds that's how i know he doens't build the models himself. Guy named aaron? I guess i don't know too much about the pro version but i thought the benefits for the pro was building not viewing.

To the OP no i don't think the pro version would really ever be needed unless you were doing high end commercial production work. Think architect. My company has a couple pro licensees and i haven't noticed any differences between the free and the pro version.

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SWIM just torrents and uses keygens/cracks for programs that he wouldnt buy anyways (like adobe creative suite, auto desk, etc) I see nothing wrong with doing that for programs that are way too expensive for your uses and you would have never bought them anyways. Stuff that you might buy, different story because in that case, they are actually losing a customer.

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Thanks for a very good response, @Bob Lang!

I will only be using Sketchup for my own use for the time being, so that means I'll stick with Make. If that changes at some point in the future, I'll gladly pay for a full Pro license as I feel the same as you with regard to honoring one's word. That and I'm a software developer by day and I expect to be compensated properly for the software I make so it would be wrong of me to cheat another developer out of their earnings.

I had a hard time seeing what the differences were in functionality for Make vs Pro and wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something that would benefit me in using Pro.

Thanks again for the info!

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SketchUp has an interesting business model and it's unusual that the software they give away is incredibly functional. In the end sales of SketchUp Pro pay the bills for millions of users of SketchUp Make. I've had experience with other software companies that charge a lot of money going in and force you to pay again every few years to "upgrade" software that works just fine. In comparison SketchUp Pro is a real bargain and the maintenance agreement is reasonable. 

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