Pump sprayers and gas cans

Tom King

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We have 163 acres to keep up, so I do a lot of spraying.  If you need to know something specific, for a specific thing, I probably have it in a sprayer.  The 40 gallon sprayer is welded onto the 7' rotary cutter with a short boom, that doesn't stick out either side of the cutter, but will cover a 30 foot wide swath.  I hate to use poisons, but we gave up the fight without them decades ago.

 I run Mobil 1 in every gas burner, but diesels get Rotella.  It's even available now in 2-1/2 gallon jugs, which changes the oil in the truck, and also one tractor, out of one jug.  I'm still running two tractors that are 35 years old, were both used when I bought them, and I've never done anything to either engine.  The truck has over 300 on it.  Sometimes the truck has used Mobil 1 when the synthetic Rotella wasn't available in time, but mostly Rotella.


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I needed to get some smaller fuel containers for diesel fuel, so I bought some 5 gallon Midwest jugs from Tractor Supply.   The red cans in the picture earlier in this threaad are old Blitz jugs.   I don't remember how old they are, but probably not that old because they didn't have the vents in them to start with.

The guy on ebay that sells those nice "nozzles" didn't have them specifically for the Blitz jugs, but the ones he makes for B&S gas cans work.  You have to use the washers that come with the stock spout.  The ones on the Blitz cans worked for a while, but I ended up having to make some new ones out of Viton material I got off ebay.   Those work great, but one of my Ph.D. friends borrowed one of the cans, and lost the gasket when he did me a favor and refilled the jug up for me with ethanol gas.

The Midwest gaskets slip around the end of the spout, so are not something else you have to keep up with.   The spouts he Makes for Midwest jugs are machined to accept the gasket that you take off of the aggravating stock "leak free" spout.  These machined aluminum with 1/2" high quality fuel hose are much more leak free than the stock leak free ones.

In short, if you need to buy a gas can, get a Midwest, and one of these spouts off ebay.   I put two vents in each of the diesel cans, and it does seem to empty some faster.  Second picture is the stock gasket installed on the machined aluminum end.   This is now as gas cans should be.

Here's the link to the spouts for Midwest jugs on ebay: 


He includes one vent with the spout, but I had already bought a batch of vents.  His are black.  The package I bought was yellow vents.




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