Inspector General Badge, Walnut

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This was not a difficult project but the Walnut is so pretty I figured I'd show y'all. Originally they wanted me to cut all the detail in the IG Badge but it was over 19,000 nodes and it brought Fusion 360 and my computer, which ain't too shabby a computer, to its knees. Each time I would make a slight change in the file to clean up a jagged edge or something it took my computer and F360 about 15 minutes to refresh and hand control back to me. Ultimately we settled on the trophy shop doing the detail on the laser and I would just cut the outline and add the block on the bottom for a brass plate.

This has a couple of coats of Nitrocellulose sanding sealer and gloss lacquer and it's about 14" tall x 9 1/2" wide. The knot and cracks look far more pronounced in the photo than in reality and are very smooth. There will be so much laser burning in this area that I don't think it will be noticed anyway. When I talked to them a couple of days ago they indicated they'll probably want 10 to 12 of these.

Here's the graphic -


Front -


Close up -


Back -


Like I said, not difficult or really worth of a thread but I just love the Walnut so y'all get to see it. ;)



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I actually have some but what they'll get for the next ones are the straight grained Walnut.  It's rare for me to use the figured woods for a trophy blank but I just decided to on this one.


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The laser shop did the engraving on the IG Badge and while I would love to have done it all on the CNC, I think it probably looks better engraved on the laser.  What do y'all think?



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Oh, I didn't do the engraving.  I do work for a local laser shop, a very busy laser shop, and they did the engraving.  I have just been waiting on them to engrave this so I could post an update.

We both use CorelDraw and swap files back and forth.  They sent me the artwork and I took the outline as an svg out of CorelDraw and brought it into Fusion 360 to do the CAD/CAM portion. 


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