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Chestnut's recent thread (LINK) has brought up the idea of having a dedicated Woodworking Reference section on the forum. I have also previously thought this could be helpful as well.

Here's my take on what this would look like, maybe others can give their input as well. If there is enough interest, could this be added?

  • Purpose: An educational section to share and discuss woodworking reference materials and furniture styles. 
  • Content:
    • Reviews of woodworking books, magazines, reference websites, and other publications.
    • Links to helpful websites, blogs, and other online woodworking reference materials.
    • Discussion and information regarding specific furniture styles.
    • Reviews, discussion, and links to retailers of specialty woodworking tools, supplies, and materials.
  • Guidelines:
    • To keep the section as an educational reference section, please keep threads on-topic. (Maybe this is just a dream)
    • No unauthorized scans or copies of protected materials.
    • Excess self promotion not permitted.

Any input or thoughts?


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I think they could just be pinned threads in the advanced section or product review or even general for that matter. Having an area for references seems a bit excessive as there aren't going to be many posts on the topic. Marc had an aversion to pined threads for some reason i never really understood but pinning something is great for reference sake with out creating more sections. If anything i think there should be less sections on the site.

Each section could have a related reference pinned thread. Finishing could have a reference post with finishing books ect. It's probably going to be up to the member that wants to maintain the post to start it. There could be a reference post for beginner level books on joinery ect.

It could also be pinned under product reviews as it is a product review of sorts. This makes less sense to me as a person isn't going to go there to get references on styles and construction.

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4 hours ago, Immortan D said:

You can create a Club for that and you will be able to enforce the "guidelines" if you really want (the club owner has moderation superpowers on club content).

I always forget about clubs. I mostly access the site from my phone, and the clubs section is somewhat hidden. 

I was just typing out the guidelines to give an idea of how the section would potentially be used, and often forums have a pinned guidelines post in each section. Just trying to reduce Kev’s work if it were to be added. 

Sounds like a club is the way to go! I don’t mind creating it if it is wanted, but also don’t mind if someone else wants to take the lead. 

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I'm a newbie so my vote shouldn't be weighed heavily, but as a newbie, I'd love to see a reference section. Even a vocabulary lesson for common acronyms on the site would be helpful. I'm reading through a lot of awesome info but not always understanding since I don't know the abbreviations such as a "gcso board" or using ars to finish (I think that's Arm-R-Seal but that took a few days to come up with).

Anyway, I peaked at the clubs, did I miss one for references? I have read somebody's thread on references and ordered three of the books so I'm working on learning.

Keep up all the great work in the shops and on the web, I appreciate you guys sharing the knowledge!

Jim D

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