Bought one of my young girlfriends a new car

Tom King

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Around here, cars like that are most often parked diagonally to occupy 4 spaces, as the owners are afraid of door dings, but too lazy to walk from the far side of the lot.

Or they park illegally in an extra-wide handicap spot.


I once watched a guy in a porsche berate a young lady for parking in a handicap space at the grocery, then when she moved, he took the spot, got out of the car, and JOGGED into the store. No handicap tag or placard.

He came really close to having a truck bumper shaped impression on his driver door when I left....

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That was in a handicapped space.  Some old lady in an old minivan, who was handicapped, came and parked next to it, over the line on the McClaren side of that line.  I had a good laugh at that.  She never even looked at that car.  I was parked near it, waiting for Pam to come out.  We left before whoever was driving it came out.

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Hey, sounds like your girlfriend scored herself a sweet ride! McLaren, huh? That's some next-level stuff right there. Can't blame her for wanting to stand out a bit. And hey, who cares if it's not so inconspicuous? If she's loving it, that's all that matters!

Oh, and speaking of rides, when I was moving to another state, A-1 Auto Transport was my go-to for shipping my wheels. Made the whole process a breeze, man.Anyway, hope she enjoys cruising around in her new McLaren. Bet she'll turn heads wherever she goes.

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