Mold on plastic


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While it's dry, spray Clorox Cleanup on it.  Keep it wet with more spray for at least ten minutes, and scrub with a stiff plastic bristle brush.  If you let it dry after the bleach is applied, it will set the stain, and you will never get it out.  Wear old clothes, and eye protection for obvious reasons.

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Seats seem fine and are flexible. Seats are cheap but time you add up everything you might as well buy a better boat. 

Worst would be to sand or wire wheel at worst and repaint.

Today I looked into the bilge pump for the live well. It doesn't work sk it will get replaced. 

I've decided the make the best out of what is there. Run it next summer. Get use t ok how it operates and then I can redo the the interior


Two batteries, repaint seat stands or wait.replace at least one bilge pump,charger. Connection and lights. New straps,repack a paddle and life jackets....


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