Has Charles Neil Woodworking gone out of business?


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I ordered some of their pre-stain conditioner online at the end of November 2020.  They took my money and sent out a confirmation that my order was placed, but since then I have heard nothing.  They have not responded to my emails or telephone calls.  


I have a feeling they are sort of a digital ghost ship, still plowing the waters of the interwebs but with no crew.


I would really prefer the product rather than a refund, but at this point it isn't looking good.

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Same happen to me. The website is open they took my money they answer that it is in the mail but you never get it. I wish I would have enough power to shutdown that website. I find it sad who ever is behind that website are destroying Charles Neil's reputation. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE http://cn-woodworking.com/

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Same story.  Ordered Blotch control Sealer 6/2/21.  Charges were processed immediately via PP.  left 2 messages 2 weeks apart.  no answer to either.  I did get an email message to complete a order that I started in mid-June that I had second thoughts about and did not place the order, so someone is there still trying to stimulate "business".

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Seems same has bitten me. However I did not know he had passed until I researched this week. The website is still open n accepting orders. Placed one last month and received my order of 8qts in a weeks time so I had  no idea something was wrong. Now trying to trace an Order placed on 7/14 and all I get is crickets!

I have a project half completed and am now in trouble as no ones blotch control works like Neils!

I too would rather have product but will have to contact PayPal .

if someone behind website knows formula I’d be open to purchasing it and continuing his legacy for the product. I’m that impressed with it.

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