Cleaning vs. Changing Air Filters?

Mark J

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Doing a belated spring cleaning and have gotten to the Jet air filtration system.  I find it difficult to judge the condition of the air filters just by eye.  In fact for the home HVAC I change the filter according to the calendar, but that gets reasonably consistent utilization over time. 

With the workshop air filters it seems to be considered a sin to change these out unless the airflow is actually visibly diminished.  

I'm looking at my AFS filters and the pre-filter looks pretty filled, while the fine filter looks meh.  But the airflow seems fine.





So when do you say a filter is in need of cleaning or replacement?  And do you blow it out or replace it?  How many times can you blow out a filter, anyway?

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17 minutes ago, Tpt life said:

Typical wisdom is that modern filters fail from loading more frequently than from anything else. This approach means you need to figure a flow rate at which you fail the filter. 

Not really sure how I would make that assessment.  All I can say is that a goodly bit of air comes out the blow side and a seemingly similar amount goes in the suck side.  

So is it safe to say that particulates will not "work their way through" a loaded filter, but rather the filter will just stop passing air?

26 minutes ago, Chestnut said:

I'd give it a light blow out once and then address replacement cost. I can't remember how much those filters cost but I remember it not being too much.

I bought a set of replacements when I ordered the AFS.  Price tags say about $75 for the two of them.  Seems like a lot, but I probably spend more than that on HVAC filters.  And I've been running these AFS filters for going on 4 years.  The pre-filter has been cleaned 2 or 3 times before today, but the fine filter doesn't lend itself to being blown off.

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