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I have never used a lathe.  I am going to take a class from Alan Lacer at Marc Adams school next month and have been watching some videos.  If I ever do get a lathe, my projects would be spindle turning - legs. finials. etc.  I don't see bowls in my future.   I was impressed by Alan Lacers use of a  skew chisel with curved skew.  Seems like he could do  just about any shaped spindle with it. 

So,  if you were just starting out, what 1 or 2 chisels would you have?  I would appreciated any other comments or tips that you have, too.

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I am not a spindle turner, but I would add a standard spindle gouge to the detail gouge that Gary mentioned.  And I'd second the comment about sharpening.  You really need the sharpening system before you buy any tools.  

Alan Lacer is famous and I envy you, but know that Lacer is known for his mastery of the skew, so his instruction might be a little "skewed" (you saw that coming didn't ya).  But if you can get comfortable using the skew from the very begining you'll be way ahead. 

Me, I only use mine to open the mail.

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