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I usually use my trusted Dewalt 708 for these  angles, but last year someone had a Makita LS1013 for $75 and I bought I t.. without  a second thought I thought it would be a good times to try it out. What I don't like. 


I believe it rests on ball bearings which I hate. You have to lock it or it can move.



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My circle is almost complete. I have just one more to cut. I layed out my lines in the beginning and  try and stay in these lines. I have never used the Makita slider  for something like this, but either it gets with the program or I do. Setting t h e saw and making small adjustments at the end if my circle left me pretty happy. 


Who says you can't use a miter saw for high end furniture?


Hum....I can see the looks now.



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Before i route,  I used a 4x24 PC sander with a 100 grit to smooth out the glue joints. I usually use the Bosch with a bag , but wanted tk try out my PC sander pawn shop find.


Of course  Cherry dust everywhere.  Luckily I just put a new filter  in from Menards.


I though the third picture was a crack from a pocket screw.. The cherry is a messing with early in da morning...




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With the radius routed out, it's about a 32nd too small for the chip ring. I have a couple options..


#1 ... Reset the router to take off a 32nd.

#2....hand sand and make the ring fit perfectly.


I'll choose  #2... Why?  The ring is shrinking. Over a couple days it's slowly drying and the rings are slightly separating. It may not shrink anymore, but I hate to route and it be too small over tine. 





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Just  using up what’s in the shop. I started up to use Sapele for the outer ring, but decided on Cherry., I think in have enough for about 3-4 tables. I’ll mix them up as I go. I mix them up as I go and never repeat the design..


I spent seven years working for the furniture company. During that time it was demanding. Long hours and sometimes Sat and Sun. I had no time after work to do any woodworking for myself. When I got put on disability, fishing is what I wanted to do. After 2 years the shops been sitting idle. I’m finally getting the itch to do it as a hobby again. 

kinda like the movie “Rocky” I still got stuff in the basement..

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