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On each radius I try and go a few longer pieces, then shorter. This gives me time to put smaller pieces inbetween the longer pieces without interrupting the seams as much. I'll wait an hour on smaller and an hour in the the larger, but I'll start a few inches in with a smaller opiece allowing time for other sections to dry as I go. 


As I mentioned before.." Older , Slower and Dumber". I make mistakes,  even our  hero's of woodworking David Marks, Sam Maloof, etc  make mistakes. I'm not perfect and neither are they. If they ever said they didn't make mistakes I'd say" liar, liar pants on fire" with a Jim Carrey grin.


On the inside radius laminations pieces at the end get tight. The more pieces the more tired and lazy you get. I cut this piece and decided it was a good oportunity to show how atleast I will fix this. I have plenty of smaller pieces I've cut off as I go. From a sliver to 1". I keep them around till the job is complete.


Here I have a small gap. About 1/8. I could have recut the piece but the radius is so busy you would be never notice.




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With many days behind  me. Feelin old, I finally started sanding the chip rail.i had to reinstall the rail  so they were level to sand. Adjusting the hold down blocks as I go. 


You have to sand a small area and move to the next. With so much glue it softens with heat and this ring 10 times. Slowly reaching my goal, moving braces each time. D will just clog your sanding belt as it melts. Moving periodically can greatly improve performance

 Once it's clogged it's toast.


I probably went around 10 times moving the  hold downs as I went around. Patience,patience,patience...







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Don't have a card scraper. I'm running into a problem with sanding belts. They are new, but old. My 6x80 belts for the grizzly edge sander and 3x24 belts for the belt sanders are old and breaking apart. Must have broke/broke seam on 6 or more till I found one that could still sand. 


Nothing wrong with buying old/new sanding belts if you use them fast, but if your buying for bulk for long term sanding belts aren't the deal over time. 


Don't buy bulk unless your in the shop,and very busy, otherwise buy as you go for fresh stock..




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When it cones to good wood, im slow, No hurries..


Started cutting the cherry. Hard to cut long boards  to short boards, but it had to be done. It will take 12 pieces and require 1 1/2 boards. They were all bought years ago from the same dealer so there pretty consistant..


Thr angle is 15 degrees. 


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