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Getting to were my hands have problems with all this clamps. At the end of the day I start to have problems with squeezing the clamps to re hang them up. While working for designer in Kansas  City, I found I was having shoulder problems from the dialysis treatments. He had tall work benches and my arms were high. I left early one day because of this. I created a topic a while back about easier clamps to buy and use because my hands are hanging problems with all the squeezing and  twisting of clamps..

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I have successfully done an inkjet print transfer to wood, using ordinary waxed paper from the kitchen. As effective as the label paper, but much less expensive.

If you don't want to buy a CNC laser engraver, a pretty good substitute is to use a stencil and ammonium cloride as shown here, or a ScorchMarker pen. Works best for simple graphucs and lettering, but photo images can be made as well.

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