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Cabinets are from 1999. I have fought these shelves long enough. I have moved spices long enough. Time for rollout and a spice rack


I found two hinges in my old cabibet  hardware and I've got a box of 10-21" full extension drawed slides. The hinges are plunged but the screw one will work just fine. Needs 5 hinges fir spice rack..


To be continued








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I’ve put in so many for customers and the wife didn’t want them. I’m tired of digging and the spice  cabinet is  overloaded and constantly rebuying what we simply can’t find. The cabinets are good and don’t want to rebuild , plus it has double demountable. Another challenge..

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I worked at Regency cabinet for 7 years as there cabinet installer in the late 90's. They were one of the cheaper shops around. Built everything they could inhouse...I originally started at a Commercial shop I Florece, Al. In 1983... I was trained 2 years buy a great quality minded cabinet guy named Ronnie. I eventually years later became his  supervisor on a job as Ronnie played in a band and had a drinking problem and became unreliable. 

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A few things to keep in mind about cabinet makers..

#1... its repetitive drawers, face frames, boxes, etc...

#2...speed is the money. The faster you can produce it, the more you make. Buying expensive equipment pays off in this situation. Less time on the machine means more out the door..

#3...commercial and residential are different.

#4...cabinetry and furniture making are different..

#5...European and custom cabinetry are the same, but different..


If I go to work at either I know what to expect..


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In the 90’s I worked for a place called Manual Craft in Alabama. A guy there would take a 6” wide board or so and cut dados in it for the workers. This was almost a daily deal. I’ve done this and it is really hard on your hands. I started using the RAS to make dentil mold and enjoy it in comparison.. This is one task a RAS shines..






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Nothing much going on today. I finally did get the Freud dados installed with shims for the 1/2 maple melamine.i don't like tk do dados anymore so I made a jig. Its easier to run dados for cabinets with a router in the table.using the tablesaw fence.

Don't let anyone tell you running dados is easy.its more complicated than that. Try doing dong dados for several hours, better be on your game.






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So here wa have one assembled. I disd a Norn and used a few brads till the glue dried. No glue around  the three dado's back and sides, but in the front as it's where all the pulling force is. Check for square and set aside to dry..

Not a fan of the nail gun? Remember this is cabinetry , not furniture...






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