Hose Reel Re-work


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Looks good.  I wish they hadn't stopped making the kind I bought from Senco in 1975, still use, and it has never leaked.  It uses a Milton quick connect coupling as the swivel.  I did wear out the first coupling/swivel after about 30 years from winding up 200 feet of air hose most days.  It winds up fast even though it's manual.  I keep an old T-shirt close by to wipe it with one hand as I'm winding with the other.

I've never had lasting luck with any other one not developing a leak at the swivel.

I like that your self winder doesn't need the stopper with the right length of hose.  Those stoppers kept me from ever buying a second one.

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You've basically got the set up I do now. Mine is mostly used for car tires but I do break out the brad nailer from time-to-time. I have a little portable tank that lets me take compressed air around the house and out into the driveway.

I have my compressor on a 30-minute timer since our garage is close to the bedroom and having it start up in the middle of the night is annoying. 

I agree with you that if I had to manually rewind it, I'd never use it. Little barriers matter.

I like your storage box for nailers and accessories.

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There are a bunch of them that look like the first picture.  I'm sure they're a copy of one from decades ago.  I bought one with my big pressure washer, a Mi-T-M that I bought in the mid '90's that looks like that.  It's on a swivel post above the pressure washer, and holds a hundred feet of hose.  That one has never leaked a drop in spite of the high pressure water and being used off and on a few times a year for almost three decades.  It came from Mi-T-M and was made to fit on the pressure washer.  I expect it was made by some other company, but must have been good ones back then.

I have a couple like that for air that I bought from Tractor Supply, but they both started leaking pretty soon.  I keep air hose on them just for storage for when I need a really long one, but I just pass some of the starting end out one of the holes opposite the handle so I can hook it up to another hose and not worry about the leaking swivel.


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