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I'm building a plaque stand for my wife, out of some wood I have no idea what it

I'm wrapping it in 1/4" thick walnut pieces that I resawed off of a block of walnut. 4" tall. Can I run the 1/4" thick pieces thru my planer, or are they too thin to safely do so? I do not have a drum sander.

If it's not safe to clean up on the planer, what are my other options to finish up the 1/4" strips before gluing to the block I'm using as the base for the plaque?

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@roughsawn - I run 1/4" material through my Grizzly G0453Z with a spiral head without issue.  For thinner I will double tape to an MDF carrier.  The full support of this "sled" seems to make things go smoothly.  As to sanding, I would assume your project will get some attention before finishing.  I never finish anything right off the machine except shop fixtures.  For figured material that I don't want to hand plane a couple swipes with a hard sanding block of 150 followed by 220 generally gets any machine marks and prepares the material for whatever surface prep the rest of the project will get.

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Thanks for the replies, guys. I routinely use a planer sled with a cleat at the end to plane big slabs of rough sawn lumber. Honestly, I didn't think about a sled for thin panels/strips. I'll whip together a sled for them, to run thru the planer. Guess I'll tape them down to prevent movement. Or, maybe try a thin cleat first, on a test piece. I resawed a couple extras, anyway.

Nice to be able to lean on you guys for help!;) 

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On 11/13/2023 at 10:31 AM, pkinneb said:

I wouldn't want to go much thinner than that without support...I think I would make a quick sled just a piece of plywood with a cleat at one end. I use these often at the drum sander and planer.

here is an example


Thanks for the picture. THAT is a thin cleat at the

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