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I really need to improve my alaskin mill guide. I"m just using a 2x12 but when i have an odd log like your last picture on your previous post it's hard to get the board attached and not result in a sag in the middle. It would also be nice to be able to level things like you do. Currently all my cuts are just roughly parallel to the outside of the long shimmed as best possible. I usually get lucky and capture the pith in a single slab though.

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Nice job and nice setup. 

I hear you, chainsaw milling is addictive, but a lot of work. I also have more wood than I can likely use stacked and drying, but the addiction keeps drawing me in to mill more.

I just can't pass up a good log, but I'm down to just milling a few logs a year, just to keep the saws and back in good running condition.

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I dropped a nice box elder tree yesterday. It has some burly sections that should be interesting. Its about 18" at the big end and 20 feet to the first crotch. I'm excited to mill it. I gave stated to really like boxelder it's s nice wood to work with.

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