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Tom King

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Around 23 minutes in that video, using a sanding disc on a die grinder to shorten the shanks freaks me out with it throwing carbon sanding dust all over everything.  I can sharpen chisels sharp enough to slice those carbon fiber tubes cleanly with a slicing cut.  That's just one example of how I have seen quite a number of things in their videos that I would do differently.

I don't know when we'll get into it.  Pam just wants to sell it like it is, but that seems like a waste to me. We're going to clean it up in the house and then decide what to do. 

If we do decide to rebuild it, I will need to build a piano tilter and cart/sled to move it the couple of hundred yards to that building.  That will require work on that building first too, so one thing always leads to another, and it's not like I don't have more than I can possibly do already.

I feel like this is something I can do when I get too old to climb and work on the outside of houses, and something that I would enjoy doing.  I think I'm in a unique position with my background and having one in hand to work on.  Steinway doesn't rebuild actions.  They just replace them with whole new actions.  There are a lot of old ones that just get tossed.

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Great looking piano.  My father bought an upright foor pedal player piano when I was a boy.  When we tried to adjust the slide which changes the key that the song is played in all the old lead tubes (88) broke off.  He rebuilt the bellows and replace all the tubes.  We used that piano for years afterwards.  Along with the old origianl paper rolls. of music.

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