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Going to start a post for people to find out more information about hand tools.

I want to start with old tools and information on them. Information on how to fettle a older plane.

please add to this if you wish.

restoration of antique tools


Stanley Tools


Millers Falls Tools


Newer tools



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Dammit joe - stop spreading the word about Miller's Falls!!

here's some good-uns:

all things hand tools: http://www.cianperez.com/Wood/WoodDocs/Wood_How_To/INDEX_How_To.htm

shooting board: http://www.fineboxes.com/ShootingBoard.htm

the unplugged workshop: http://www.theunpluggedwoodshop.com/

Stanley bench plane dating: http://hyperkitten.com/tools/stanley_bench_plane/index.php

Bob Kaune's site (helpful in identifying planes, kind of high priced if you want to buy) http://www.antique-used-tools.com/index.html

lateral adjustment lever comparison: http://www.brasscityrecords.com/toolworks/graphics/plane%20id.html

hand tool and parts retailers:





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I'd kind of like to keep this topic to hand tool links only no comments.




You realise the irony of your post, right?

I won't be an offender. This is the MOTHER OF ALL SITES. It's a whole website dedicated to what this thread is dedicated to. If you notice that any companies are missing, e-mail Gary Roberts and he will add it. Check it out - HandToolMakers.com

Also, Patrick's Blood and Gore

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I don't think this has been added.  It's a good source for replacement backsaw blades, and parts:




And these guys have scans of saw handles, if you'd like to make one yourself:




If you can't find the molding plane you need on ebay, this is a good source to check:


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On 11/9/2010 at 12:29 PM, nikbrown said:

For those of us that are partial to pull over push:



Stuart is a GREAT guy that's also willing to answer any questions.

He has a great sharpening stone selection as well.

Don't forget Japanwoodworker.com  And I got a beautiful dovetail saw from Erik at floriptools .com  He also has some really cool looking brass marking gauges.


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It has been a LONG time since anyone has provided links here. Here are a few of my favorite sources on antique hand planes:


https://www.timetestedtools.net/  Don Wilwol's site on anything Sargent, and many others.

https://www.plane-dealer.com/   Mark Nickel collector of all Size 1 and 2 planes.  Very skilled restorer and great writer about the collecting experience.

  https://woodandshop.com/     Joshua Farnsworth runs a wood working school. Here you will find extremely helpful information on Stanley planes including an automated type study identifier and a cutting iron trademark data table.  Joshua's site also hosts many wood working guides, videos, interviews. Lots to see and do.

http://www.vaughanandbushnellplanes.com/  Best information on Vaughn & Bushnell planes.  Outstanding planes in looks and performance.

https://aplanelife.us/  My own site focused on Fulton planes. I restore all types of planes as a hobby and occasionally present a few for sale.  If you like antique hand planes that look as good or better than new, check out my style of highly restored antique planes.


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In my city there are Habitat for Humanity ReStore shops .  they have a bunch of used construction materials.  I have found Diston Saws,  Wooden molding planes, bit and braces, Stanley Hand planes etc.  look up locations in you town.  

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