Winter Turning Challenge and Trade 2012

Roger T

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With the success of the last T & C, I figured we could squeeze in another one before the end of the year. So, here goes.

With the Holiday season upon us, the natural thing to choose for this C & T is Hollow Bodied Christmas Ornaments.

Guidelines for this challenge are:

Diameter not to exceed 3".

Length to not exceed 10"

Each ornament must contain a minimum of 3 separate elements, ie: top finial, ornament body, and bottom finial.

The ornament body must be hollow.

Each ornament has the potential to be hung on a Christmas tree, and as such, the weight of it will be a factor. An ornament that is to heavy will cause a tree branch to sag.

There is a little shorter deadline for this C & T. Names will be paired on December 9th. You will have 3 weeks to complete your piece.

Just like before, please respond to this thread telling me you are in, and I will keep the list updated. Have fun with this one, ornaments can be quite fun and addicting to do.

Good Luck.


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Ok, here's what we can do. The original intent of this was to get you to do a little bit of hollowing, and some spindle turning to complete the piece. And this is still the intent of the challenge. But, If you would like to create a second piece, that can be any design and enter that.

If we get enough people that make a second piece, we can do a seperate trade for just those pieces. Or if we can figure out what to do as time goes along and i get some suggestions. But you will still need to make the original hollow ornament to qualify to make the second one.

Does this sound feasible to all y'all?


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Mine is done, I just need to put the finish on it. This was an excellent challenge and I learned a lot. The one I am submitting for the trade is a whole lot better than my first several. It's not eggshell thin, but I did make one that was eggshell thin that now looks much like a cracked egg! Now that I know how to make them, ornaments will be Christmas gifts this year!


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