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I bought 2 of the deluxe versions at the Atlanta Woodworking show a month or so back. It took quite awhile to put them together, so that was annoying, but they quickly became used daily in my shop!

I have a commercial client that I build display parts for. They are covered in plastic laminate . I end up cutting hundreds of short strips for all the edges. If I cut the strips only an 1/8 to 3/16 bigger than the core to be laminated it makes routing them go faster. But up until I got these grripper push blocks it was hard to safely cut hundreds of accurate tiny strips of laminate. So I had been cutting them a bit bigger.

Using 2 grrippers I got into a rhythm and was safely ripping pieces as small as 11/16 x 16" at an incredible rate. What used to take all day was done in 2 1/2 hours . Over one thousand pieces cut and all were so clean and accurate, no rippled edges from riding off the fence.

It really paid off when I had to route all 4 edges of each and every strip, 2900 edges gets pretty repetitive but it is profitable !

A few ladies I know have been asking for cutting boards so I gave the grrippers a tryout on some scraps of 8/4 hard maple. I liked how smooth the entire strip was after ripping. There is usually a burn or ripple when you switch to a push stick to finish the cut.

So even at the almost $180 that I spent they are quickly paying off in speed, safety and increased quality of cuts

Steve, is this the Micro jig kit that you bought?

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Yes, pretty close. My package included the drop down tail pieces and the 1/8 side legs as well. It also had the bridge to connect 2 together.

It does take a little getting used to setting up the block for safe use on some situations. I have slipped and nicked the wide center leg already but it doesn't seem to affect the grip.

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Looks like Amazon has the same thing for the same price, with Prime shipping.  The images on the Amazon site showed the handle bridges included.


What's the deal with the handle bridges, anyway?  It doesn't look like they'd do much except raise the handle a little.  Was there a problem with the handle connections in the T-track?


I'm really tempted, but I already have one... Do I really neeed two more?

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2 are really handy for long rips. I use 2 more than I use just one. Rips are cleaner with less burning to clean up.

The handle bridges let you twist the handles to a more comfortable diagonal position and accept the clear connector plate( which I have yet to use)

The 1/8" legs worked great. The tail hooks so so.....

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Thanks. I have two of the GRR-Rippers - the more adjustable ones and had no idea they made this more standard push block. I will be ordering today! I use my GRR-Rippers on the table saw all the time, plus the jointer and router table. They go a long way to making me a safer and smarter woodworker. 


Matt has an excellent video showing you how to get the most out of the GRR-Ripper's adjustments. Seriously, if you have one (or two) this is must watch.

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Hi Everyone,


Been trying to figure out which GRR product to get. Sounds like some people bought the 3D push blocks and other people are big advocates of just the rip block. I could see myself using both: 3D push block on the table saw and rip block on the jointer. That being said, it seems like the products are most useful in pairs. 


Should I get:

 - two 3D push blocks


- 1 3D push block and 1 rip block



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It really depends on what you use them for.  The original grr-ripper is great for the table saw, and probably overkill for the jointer, router table and bandsaw.  The Grr-rip block is perfect for those machines, but I wouldn't recommend it for the table saw.  I have one of the original for the table saw, and two blocks to use at the other machines.  


I would like to add another grr-ripper for the table saw.

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Yes, that is a good deal and I've been debating it.   Tht is one of the GRR-Ripper model 100...but that handles most of the situations you'd area bout.   I first bought one of the GRR-Ripper model 200 which is just that one with a few extra little gizmos you can bolt on for different operations...pretty much never use those extras and always use it exactly like a model 100...meh.  The "free" bridge thing just modifies the way the handle attaches to let you more easily apply consistent pressure without tiliting the thing.  I've never used it but the idea is sound and it could be useful based on my (limited) experience without it.

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I'm familiar with the product, and I'm still a fan of notched MDF push blocks, or pads, whatever the job needs.  Need a small one, long one, wide one?  In less time than it takes to disassemble and reconfigure a commercial version, you can make one.   32 sq/ft of 3/4" MDF is less than $30, retail...   That's a lot of push for the buck.


To me, a big plus for consumable push devices is you don't hesitate or cringe if it goes through the blade...   You just keep on pushing, as damage is no worry at all!

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Well for $7 more you can get the 200 at Hartville Tool with free shipping. Use code 'wn15' at checkout for 15% off your entire order - 365 days a year!


I have 2 of the 200's and there are many times that 2 are better. 

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