Better & Cheaper type of Scotchbrite Pads

Tom King

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For those of us who use Jack Forsberg's method of cleaning cast iron tool tops, and other bare metal in the shop, I found this 3M clear coat prep Scotchbrite on ebay, and decided to try it.  It's for prepping Clear Coat for auto body painting.

I only bought the finest no. 3 grade to start with.  There are 30 pieces on a roll in the box.  That puts the price at less than a buck a piece.

It seems to be more tightly woven than the maroon, and green pads that you can buy in paint sections of box stores.  This no. 3 Gold is much finer than any of the standard kinds, and being tightly woven, still cuts well.

I just played around with a piece this morning on a couple of tools, and am happy to report that this will be the only type of Scotchbrite I'll buy from now on.

Going to order the other grades now.

I put this in the Shop Forum, thinking about it being used in the shop,  but it may well be more correct in the product review forum.

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If it works on clear coats for fancy car paint jobs, I would think it would work fine on furniture.   I ordered a roll of their no.2 yesterday-think it was $24 on ebay with free shipping.   I saw that the no. 1, in that system, is maroon, so it might be the same as the regular maroon, which I still have a couple of the higher dollar packs.

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Finally got around to opening the no. 2 box today.   It's gray, and seems to have a lot more abrasive in it than what's sold in paint departments of box stores.  I don't think I'll need the no. 1 for anything.   It looks like these two have it covered.

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A no. 1 box showed up in my ebay ads cheap enough to be too tempting, so I'll let you know when it gets here.  I hadn't seen it for less than $33 before.

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