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Hello everybody.  I'm going to build a cradle for my grandson and need help.  Hopefully the images are clear.  Could everyone weigh in on the design?  Maybe tweak a feature or a proportion?

Also I'm planning on using cherry as a main wood.  Maybe walnut or Sapele for an accent.  What are your thoughts?

Thanks in advance, you guys are the best.  By the way this is designed in Solidworks.


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Very good looking project.  I see nothing wrong with the proportions but others here are more artistic than I.  Does the 1/2" gap run full height? or is it just neede for the rocking pin or such.  The reason that I ask is that the posts will be much stronger if you can tie them together as much a possible over the height of the post.  Maybe have the gap be a "recess" rather than a true gap.

Great proejct.  I like it.

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Thanks for the reply guys.  The posts will be mortised into the feet.  There will be a "sandwich" of walnut or sapele about 2" or 3" at the bottom and the top tying the posts together.  A recess would achieve the same look and be much easier.  That's definitely a consideration.

Really need to do a build journal.  As lazy as I am I probably forget to take pics till the end.  I will make an attempt though.  My daughter is somewhat of a photographer, she really needs to take the photo's.

I think the tenons showing on the end of the cradle will be a good contrast, end grain vs. long grain.  You think all cherry or cherry and walnut/sapele?

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I like the design overall.  All cherry can be nice but a splash of walnut can add an interesting design element. Here's walnut pulls on a child's cherry dresser.


I like contrasting woods used sparingly.  Too many species in a piece and things start to look thrown together for me . . . but that's just me.

What is the width dimension?  The parent will need to be able to reach in to take the infant in and out.  Make sure there is enough room for their arms to scoop under the child and lift them out without dragging against the side rails or banging their elbows. :)

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In terms of design, it's fantastic that you're seeking input. When crafting a cradle, safety and comfort are paramount. Ensure that the structure is sturdy and well-balanced. Consider adding features like a gentle rocking mechanism or adjustable height for added convenience. Also, rounded edges and non-toxic finishes are essential for baby's safety. To make your project even more special, you might want to explore how to get free baby stuff. It can offer insights into resources, materials, or even baby-related design ideas that could enhance your cradle.

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