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Thanks, all.  Yes, my wife did want new appliances, so that was a driving factor for the kitchen remodel.  We also didn't like the wall separating the dining room and kitchen.  I originally didn't want to do any of the work in the remodel as my work schedule was pretty hectic, but I a was motivated financially to take it on myself when we started to get bids from contractors.  

This project had so many upsides.  My wife wanted a new kitchen, and I wanted more tools.  We both got what we wanted.  When I started, I had basic job site power tools from my finish carpentry days and a 3 hp cabinet saw.  I added a second 3 hp saw to the shop (I set one for ripping and one for crosscutting with a sliding table attachment).  I also added a 20" planer, 12" jointer, 22" drum sander, 3 hp shaper, 18" bandsaw, second dust collector, and a Leigh dovetail jig.  Even after all these tool purchases we came in 10's of thousands under what what our bids came in at for the remodel by doing it ourselves.  

Here are a couple more pics.

The dining room ceiling got a tongue and grove makeover:


The stairs also got a makeover (removes carpet and made oak treads):





Setting Boxes:


Making drawer parts:

     This is about 1/4 of the drawer parts.  Our lower cabinets are almost entirely drawers. We ended up with 25 drawers total. 


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12 minutes ago, K Cooper said:

I’m impressed! And you fly big boy planes as well, as in your aviator? 

Thanks!  It was fun to play builder for a while.  I got to play rough carpenter, finish carpenter and cabinet maker all in one various other trades.  I've got a lot of respect for professional tradespeople who do this stuff for a living and making it look easy. 

And yes, the picture in my avatar is the plane I fly.  It's a Dassault Falcon 2000 LX.  It's a rough job, but someone needs to do it.  It's a great plane, and it keeps me busy about 8 days/month.  Leaves me plenty of time to spend in the shop making mistakes.

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Love the T&G cieling, and the shop yo've put together sounds pretty awesome as well.

When skies are blue i'm sure it's awesome. I don't envy you when you have to deal with bad weather though.

That little guy looks fun. I have a few friends in the aviation industry and know that it's a bear to get into but that after you get your hours pilots are pretty sought after.

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People joke about pilots being bus drivers until something goes wrong then they expect all the skill and experience that is what justifies the salary.  You know what to do almost instinctively in a certain situation , if you don't your butt is on the line too. Great motivation in my book.   

I was talking to my orthopedic surgeon and he was going to drill a hole in my femur up into my hip. Logically a woodworker would want to see the drill and the bit.  He finally relented when he realized we were both craftsmen and thusly proud of our skills and tools.

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