Reloading bench and utility desk

Chip Sawdust

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They aren't the prettiest dovetails but they are  1 1/2" thick so I think they'll hold. 

This is re-purposed lumber in many places, stuff I had left over. I bought the 4x4s and 2x4s, and some alder, but the rest is stuff I had laying around. The back is some T1-11 from when I insulated the shop walls and tossed the siding up there. Good way to use up the old scraps. 

Here's the backing and bottom shelf, then I sized the top using a piece of poplar plywood (I hate this plywood but it's what I had). 



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Now for the part I hadn't tried before. The idea was to have a sort of dovetail slider from the edge of the bench which I could remove, as a blank, and slide in one with the reloading press mounted. That way I could easily remove the press without bolting and unbolting stuff. It seemed Li,e a good idea and I still think it'll work well. 

But précision cutting devices in my shop for something like this boiled down to an old jigsaw. So I marked my lines and cut to 45 degrees in the three sides, coming in from the edge. 


Finish the cuts with a pull saw...


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So the top was screwed to th 4x4s with some lag bolts, the heads recessed with a forstner bit cut. The front by the inserts needed a bit more strength so I added found #8 screws 2 1/2" long to hold things tight.

The cutouts in the top I lined with oak, but the inserts aren't lined. I figured I can always add new inserts, but didn't want the top to wear out over the years and oak ain't gonna wear out. Those were cut to near size then planed flush by hand. Lots of hand work on this project.

I have plans to build a hutch for storage above. This top is 60x32 and the hutch will be about 60x12 and a couple feet tall. I'll post that later, probably in this thread, as it'll take a lot more time and care to build. 

If you have questions about this build, fire away. It was a quick build and I wanted it done so I can start organizing my office. I'll build a writing desk later :) 

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It's my second bench, or third if you count the ad hoc bench I used to have in my garage. But this is the first one I built for use inside the house. The hutch will come later, after I make the next honey-do project (two end tables). 

I haven't ever hunted much, just like the physics of shooting and the camaraderie of fellow shooters. And reloading is kind of like a science project for each caliber and type of weapon, whether pistol or rifle or shotgun. I keep records and study results, it's the way I think :) 

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1 minute ago, K Cooper said:

No help whatsoever. Mine are all 9’s, 45’s, & 12 And 20 ga. 

I'm not patient enough for ACP type ammo. Too much chasing around to find where they jumped off to after firing. But hey, we have 12GA in common :) 

I think for ACP I'd want a progressive too, and I have all I'll ever buy for loading (so I say today).

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