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I heard Phillip Morley talking about this glue roller on one of his podcasts.  It sells on Amazon for $19.00.

My present project has some bent lamination to do and I thought this would be a fast more efficient way of gluing everything up.  I have already used it on a couple of applications on the project and this thing is worth all nineteen dollars and then some.  It has a hard sponge roller that rolls on the work and a metal roll in the reservoir.  When you put pressure on the sponge roller and roll it, it presses agains the metal roller which allows the glue to flow and evenly distribute it on your work piece.  There is also a trigger that you can pull up that stops the flow but allows you to continue the use the roller to spread the glue.  There are two sizes 3 inch and 6 inch, I bought the 3 inch which I  think would be adequate for most everything unless you are gluing up large sheets of veneer.

On the occasions that I have used it, it has proven to be way faster then squeezing glue from the bottle and rolling it with a brayer.  Cleaning it takes a few minutes with water but not much longer than cleaning the brayer.

I would guess that it holds a pint or more of glue. It comes with an extra sponge roller.



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1 hour ago, Mark J said:

Good to know it works so well.  I wasn't impressed when I first looked at the picture.

There are some out there that you can spend a lot more money on but Morley spoke highly of this one so I thought that I would try it.  I am assuming it holds up well because he uses his a lot more then I will be.

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