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Thanks Ragtaz

That is what I am looking but it is smaller than I would like. I too have found it difficult to find a top with with bench dogs. I guess the other option as suggested would be to drill the holes myself and add a vise. So now is type of vise , brand and place to buy one. I know nothing about vises. Also how would you drill the holes. You really can’t just plop it on your drill press table.


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You can get these two items from Lee Valley and drill you own Dog Holes.  You mount the bushing in a block of wood clamp the block at each location you want a dog hole and use the bushing as your guide.  Depending on the thickness of your bench top you may have to drill to the max depth with the bushing and then remove the bushing and complete the hole, but by then you will have enough depth in the bench to keep the bit straight.

I used this when I built my bench.

3/4 Inch Dog Hole Bushing

3/4 inch Drill Bit

As far as vises go this is a vast topic that has vises for all types of woodwork and you can find prices from $ to $$$$.  There are a number of members that start out with a vise made from a couple of pipe clamps and a block of wood for the chop.  Best thing you might do is look at the benches for sale and see what types of vises are attached to those. 

If you want to look at some really nice, super performing vises look at these.

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I really like the Idea that Andy Klein came up with.

It has the nice benefit of being a bit easier to retrofit to a bench top. That said the BC stuff is nice as well (except for those knobs :ph34r:).

There are other options like the pipe clamp vise.

It really depends on how much you want to spend. If you are on the fence go cheap, you can always add something nicer later with minimal work, except for bench crafted. Retrofit ability really is their biggest downfall other than the previously mentioned knobs.

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Thank for the help, think I have a plan now. Plain top and drill the holes myself with the drill guide. The vises suggested are a little more elaborate than what I was looking for. Now just need to find some good plans online which is a nightmare to find. I would like to build my bench with either all drawers underneath or cabinet and drawers. 

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3 hours ago, IAHawk said:

Now just need to find some good plans online which is a nightmare to find.

FWW has some really good articles & plans on workbenches, many of them not Roubo (horrors! I can already feel the flames).

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