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So I'm about to add to my shop by adding a new sliding miter saw. The two within my budget are the following:

I am leaning towards the Tacklife over the Harbor Freight. Since I am only a hobby wood worker, I can't justify spending much more. I'm hoping someone will either talk me out of these saws or firm up my thoughts. My intention is to mount it into a jig with a stop block of my own devising (after taking what I like from videos I have watched). (I'll show it once it's done.)

So, tell me what you think. Keep in mind that I am a teacher who is retiring next year.

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With respect, I'd chose neither.

For starters, about the only thing from Harbor Freight I'd spend money on that has a motor is the dust collector.  The other saw, at that price point, I just wouldn't have any faith in without getting to test drive it extensively before buying.

My suggestion would be saving a little more and buying a quality proven product that will have some long term customer support and a history that warrants your dollars.  That doesn't mean you have to mortgage the house and buy the Kapex but, there's a ton of middle ground in the miter saw arena!

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I'll be very interested to see what others have to say. 

Although there are exceptions (e.g. the 2HP dust collector) Harbor Freight's reputation for quality is dismal.  Never heard of Tacklife and no reason I would have confidence in it.  

If I were going to take a chance on one of these two units I'd buy the Harbor Freight because it would easier to return/exchange since you can drive it back to the store.  

While SCM's are not, as a species, noted for their accuracy, there's better and worse out there.  I have one that is pretty accurate.  I think an inaccurate machine would be frustrating.   And then there's the usual durability issues, etc.

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All the comments above are quite valid. If forced to choose from the options you proposed, I'd go with HF for the chance to lay hands on it before purchase, and return it easily if dissatisfied.

But first, how about describing your workflow, to help us understand why a miter saw is necessary? I am quite comfortable doing without one for building furniture. When I did have one, it was best used for home DIY construction, not furniture.

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6 hours ago, Chet said:

I was going to also suggest this as an option.  Something like this is in the same price point as what you are looking at.  Also there is a certain amount of brand track record with this.

Dewalt Compound Miter Saw

Another option is to forgo the miter saw and build a cross cut sled for your table saw along with a good miter gauge for the table saw.

I have this saw and like Ross, I only drag it out to do construction or trim work. 

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