Bought a new push mower

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I bought a new mower last year and it leaves some grass on the lawn, even when bagging. Kind of typical. I like to leave grass on the lawn though, adds mulch. I only bag when I'm mowing over weeds and mushrooms, in hopes that I'll suck up seeds and spores rather than spreading them into parts of my lawn. This one is a "personal pace" Toro, and if I run it at top speeds I get the lawn done pretty fast, although it does work me to do it, and I have long legs!

Snapper makes a great mower, but I've never owned one. I think this Toro is the first new mower I've bought, maybe ever? Always got them used from one place or another, but the last one, a Scotts John Deere, finally gave up the ghost, I was tired of using ether to start it, even after a tune up and new carb. :)

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We were real tempted to buy one of the new Oregon cordless models, but they were several times more expensive than even this one was.  They have a whole line of cordless equipment for pro's.  It's pretty impressive, but very expensive.  I think they are already used a lot in California.

We don't need just a lawnmower.  My Wife is a dog breeder.  We have 11 long haired dogs in the house, so most important to us was how clean it leaves the two grass dog yards, so they don't track stuff in the house.  This one does a Fine job of that.  That's the only space we use a push mower on.

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13 hours ago, Chestnut said:

 might be waiting a while. My dad's honda is going on 25 years.

Yea that's what I was hoping for when I got it.  I'm on year 5 or 6.    

The technology is new.  I don't recall Oregon being around then but I was reviews driven.     

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