Teardrop Base for Bosch Colt


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Very nice!   

When I've made specialty router bases, I put some useful sized plunge bit in the router, and lower it through the base to have a centered hole to work from.  From there, you can chuck the same sized drill bit in the drill press to establish position, and then change bits as needed.

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1 hour ago, Chestnut said:

What was your method for determining the center for the center hole and guide busing hole? Was the plexi glass anything special?

I like the look of router bases like this but haven't tried to make one myself. This makes it look easy maybe i should give it a shot.

I have a round Colt base with a stepped hole in it.  I just slipped the screws through the holes on both plates to line things up, put a 1-3/16" Forstner in the hole and marked the center.  Bases with stepped bushing holes generally have counter-bored, slightly oversized, mounting holes for the router base to allow final centering.  An exception is my Pat Warner round base.  It mounts with flat head machine screws and lines up perfectly.  His personality was an acquired taste but, his work was beyond reproach.

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1 hour ago, wtnhighlander said:

My local stores do not. There used to be a custom glass shop in town that had it, but they seem to have shut down.

@rainjer, that search term returns many suppliers, but they sure are proud of their product! :o

The price is a tad high, but it's generally a one time thing, and if you get a large enough piece, you'll not need to look it up again.   I have a 18" x 18" piece in a cabinet I haven't used in a couple of years, if you want it, get Cody to drive you over, it's yours, I'm not sure how thick it is, i think it's 3/8".  And Cody can pick up those railroad spikes I have.  And Cody can pick up another railroad tie at Spanky's.

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@RichardA- Yes you do pay a little more but cast acrylic machine better than other plexiglass. I have some partial sheets of 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" in the shop is various colors from random projects I have done. I like using it to make drill jigs for projects that need repeatable holes like this one for putting rubber feet on cutting boards.


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